Settling Up

Story so far! *according for Faal*
Story according to Faal

Faaldain met up with an adventuring group whose goal was to move to uncharted land far far away past a vast desert and complete a new settlement. He bought into this partnership with a payment for 10,000 gold pieces and soon became a part of this, to him, seemingly bloodthirsty yet somehow honorable band of hired muscle

Spike: A Half-Orc Ranger with a large spiked chain with a penchant for public urination
Just Baal: A Dwarven Warden who seemed to be fairly tame and hard to dislike or rather, easy to manipulate disagree? Lets tie a rope to you and use you as dragon bait
Shadow: (Aka Shadow 2.0) (Aka Poopface) Originally a Kobold rogue who never talked and who we never really saw until he was eaten by spiders. Now, a Changeling rogue who never shuts up but still can never see. Once he left a floater (down the river) Warmonger extraordinaire!

Later joined have been several others who appear from time to time.
Danacis the Drow Ranger being the most common one to join in on the fun. However distrustful the party was of him, he still managed to sell out the party and launch a full fledged attack against the party after trying to claim Ravince killed Baal when most likely he just killed both of them. Although Faal won’t let his suspicion of Revince die with this since both party members are to be raised and questioned.
—Melfias the Deva pacifist cleric
—Bueller anyone?? Bueler? Jacked and tan Genasi Wizard.
—Shard the Blue Ice Warforged Battlemind
Most recent happenings include
- Being involved in Shadows plan to sacrifice trusted assets and villagers of New Hillsfar to a Shadow Dragon for profit despite voicing his qualms with such a moral disaster but due to a little pnts he caught a ways back had acting up he wasn’t part of any of that decision making. Faal then came up with a plan to instead trick the dragon by instead of sacrificing innocent townsfolk we would instead disguise the towns Elite Kobold Brigade into the lair and also set up an ambush of 100 archers and heavy infantry in the shadow fell to finish the job when he would inevitably escape. He would then for the first time in his life think that his parents were good for something at least.

- becoming an officer in the mercenary group known as “The Black Hand” who is coincidentally run by the very one who warms his bed at night. This would account for some time spent away from camp for business ventures in the month passing the Dragon/Traitor ordeal. He knows of the party’s distrust of Demise but maybe if he had a hand in things (no pun intended, sexual or in reference to the Black Hand) by having his own loyal soldiers that take direct orders from him stationed around then maybe things could be in check

- Construction and execution of a liquor distillery in New Hillsfar for production of hard liquor far too expensive to import. For those not keen on Brew or Wine, come To Faaldain’s Domain and for a price. Get your whiskey, vodka, gin, or any vice of your devise.

- Infiltrating the giant’s warcamp to dethrone the (rightful) king. Through a boulder trap and onward through “The room that sucks” to depose the ruler and for a brief moment there was the Dwarven king of the Giants! Quickly transferring power to Arakai. The new advisor Arakai chose was an interesting one at that being a necromancer bearing the mark of the late Netheryll nation.

~Spike decides to gather military and divine resources with Revince to confront Just Baal about former accusations about his persons when it turns out the high cleric and clergymen were mysteriously slain. Other casualties (supposed death though Faal strongly disbelieves) include Demise who left documentation leaving Faal in control of the Black Hand. Attempts were made on the lives of Drak and also one of the Vanthor Gnomes. During a cooperative investigation with Shadow Beta level security clearance was given to the changeling but no new evidence was found on the assassins since both were… taken care of.

-During the night Faaldain awoke the emasculating scream and then silence of Spike who was savagely coup de grâced in his sleep. The party rushed out of their respective rooms within the uppermost (and most elaborate and exquisite) level of the tavern to investigate. Just Baal had apparently been on guard duty though Faaldain felt as though something was amiss decided to question him and his entourage of Eladrin guards (who weren’t obviously there for ben at all) Just Baal sent the cleric to immediately aid Spike but insisted Faaldain not enter. It had been a trap set for both the cleric and Spike in a silenced room. The rest of the party decides it is in their best interest to blow through the intricately designed tavern walls and structural beams instead of using the hallway to come to Spike‘s aid. After a arduous and what seemed like endless 30 seconds cough cough the Eladrin’s decided to flee the now broken, battered, and now flaming rubble that used to resemble elegance. Somehow Faaldain was able to avoid harm and slip through the cracks and alert the fire brigade of what was going on. Later we found out that these eladrin were indeed here to exact revenge or maybe conduct research on Spike and used a spirit vampire to control Just Baal’s actions. Things seem to be tying together on why certain people have been attacked recently.

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