Rolyn Crystal

The Rolyn Crystal is a magical artifact crafted from the raw power of the positive energy plane. It was create to help heal the sick and injured, but it seems to have left a swath of destruction in its wake. Its original creators were all killed when the crystal was formed, so powerful was the energy it put off. The crystal was sheathed in a dampening field to protect those who would use it. It was lost with the fall of the Asrathi civilization.

See Rolyn Shard

Static bonus:
+4 to heal checks
+1 Healing Surge
+5 temp hitpoints afer every rest (stacks)

Power: Encounter Crystal Shield
Trigger: You or an ally are hit by an attack
Action: Free
Target: You or an ally who was hit by an attack
Effect: The target gains a +5 power bonus to all defenses against the the triggering attack.

Rolyn Crystal

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