General Jonrath

Intelligent Zulaat

weapon (melee)

Reach: 2
Enhancement Bonus: +4
Damage: 2d4
Critical: 4d8

Property: Every time a creature is struck by Jonrath, they receive a cumulative -1 penalty to AC (Save Ends). Maximum penalty of -8.

Property: The wielder gets a +10 bonus to history checks having to do with Netheryll.

At Will Powers:

Soul Furry

The crystal blades at each end of Jonrath begin roiling with flames of radiant energy as the wielder pours his very soul into the next attacks.
Action: Free. Wielder must have a Soul Reactor in his possession.
Effect: The wielder of Jonrath loses 4 hitpoints permanently. He gains 4 stacking temporary hit points that regenerate after a short rest. Until the end of the wielders next turn, all attacks made with Jonrath deal an additional 12 damage.

Adaptable Reach

Jonraths wielder begins to move his hands apart, and Jonrath begins to get longer
Action: Minor. Wielder must be holding Jonwrath with two hands.
Effect: Jonraths Reach increases by 1, and Jonraths wielder takes a -3 penalty to attack rolls. The wielder can end this effect as a minor action. The effect ends if the wielder is not holding the weapon in two hands.

Encounter Powers:

Fight as One

Keywords: Stance
Action: Free
A calm look comes over the face of Jonraths wielder as his stance subtly changes. For the next few moments it appears as if blade and wielder are fighting as one.
Effect: Jonraths wielder allows Jonrath to enter his mind and guide his fighting style. While in this stance, Jonraths wielder is dazed instead of dominated if hit by a dominate effect (Other than Jonraths). While in this stance, Jonraths wielder has threatening reach. While in this stance Jonraths wielder may make on additional opportunity attack per turn. The player gains access to the Power Surge power while in this stance.

Jonraths wielder may attempt to end the stance once per round as a free action. If Jonrath is willing the stance ends. If Jonrath is not willing the player may make an attack roll against Jonraths Will (32). The wielder gets bonus equal to one half their level plus either their wisdom, intelligence, or charisma modifier. While in this stance Jonrath may make an attack against its wielders Will +13 to become the dominant personality. If successful, Jonrath decides the players actions until the stance ends or the player takes back control.

Power Surge (At Will)

Jonrath concentrates deeply, allowing its wielder to tap into masive natural reserves of strength the wielder
Action: Move. Wielder must be in the Fight as One stance.
Effect: Wielder gains +8 Strength (save ends). If the wielder fails the first save against this powers effect, they will be unable to use the power again until 24 hours has passed.


Jonrath was once a great general for Netheryll. Jonrath never lost a battle in his entire life, and diligently worked to expand the empire. When Jonrath announced his plans to retire to a quiet life at age 60, the Council of Mages was not pleased. They believed Jonraths strategic genius was still valuable to the empire.

Jonrath became seriously ill within a month of retiring. The Council of Mages worked ‘hard’ to save his body, but were unable to do so. They were able to save Jonraths mind by binding it to his weapon, which already contained much of his soul.

Jonrath was placed in control of one of Netherylls primary bases, from which he could defend the empire from threats for all eternity.

After the fall of Netheryll, Jonrath began to slowly loose his mind due to boredom, as he was unable to influence anything or communicate with anyone. He created fantasy worlds for himself in his own mind and sometimes has trouble telling who is real and who isn’t.

Jonrath was of an order of Kensai capable of imbueing their weapons with magical capabilities using only their own energies. Jonraths power comes from the oath he swore to protect and expand Netheryll.

General Jonrath

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