Invisible toychest



List of items owned by Shadow

  • 500 ft of hemp rope, grappling hook at each end
  • 100 ft of silk rope, one grappling hook and one silent grappling hook on the ends
  • a sling with iron bullets, silver bullets, and pinecones
  • flint and steel
  • several small mirrors
  • the broken remains of a gnomish footpad
  • magnets of various sizes
  • dirt, sulphur, clay, skipping stones, and sand
  • a tent, bedroll, slashed empty body pillow, potion of showering, soap, hammock
  • full climbing kit, thieves tools, alchemists’ stuff, assorted trade tools
  • torches, sunrods, an everburning torch, 2 lanterns, oil, a blanket, canvas, paint, tar
  • food, provisions, prepared meat, trail rations, journeybread, sealed caviar
  • wine, beerm ale, cider, vodka, rum, dwarven ale, tequila


Early days

Shadow was almost literally born in the streets of a large city in eastern [[]]; soon after birth he was cast out the window along with his 7 littermates and left to fend for himself, as was the way of his ancestors. When he came of age to speak, his parents took him in, along with his one surviving sister.

Shadow was originally given the name Poop Face, as tradition dictates an embarrassing name to encourage the adoptation of another’s identity at an early age, as well as increase the likelihood of learning combat.

Shadow learned early on how to not be seen, and showed promise in the changeling virtues of self-preservation and amorality.

Kicked out of city when he stole a whole bunch of cash from a big dude and then split.

That big war thing everyone always talks about

Joined the military as a tiefling, but was soon sent into combat and so became MIA. Set self up as elven trader selling primarily to [[]] soldiers, made self well known quickly

Actually joined thieves’ guild in this time, gaining many contacts and rising quickly

Got involved with alot of crazy things in the war.

  • Kidnapping
  • Smuggling
  • Family threatening/murder
  • Extortion of civilians
  • Officer assassinations
  • Etc

Post-war blues

After war, worked for the thieves’ guild, primarily as liason between [[]]- and Venetia- based TG, where [[]] TG was moving in. Did a lot of wetwork in Venitia, primarily for the purpose of weakening the local TGs.

Was sent by TG to talk with a man about a job, and from there went to overtake some caravan out in the desert. Found them deep in a cave.

Campaign Exploits

Since then, did stuff in the campaign.

Actually took on the name “Shadow” during this time


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